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16 Motivators When You Don’t Want to Work Out

It happens. You have a great workout streak and then … you wake up one day with no motivation. The last place you want to be is the gym. Or walking. Or anything to do with fitness.

But you know you need to work out.

How do you get past the motivation blahs? Here are some helpful steps. All you need is one – whatever works for you today.

1. Start small

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Long workouts seem daunting when you’re not motivated. Start with 10 minutes. Once you get going, you’ll be surprised you don’t want to stop.

2. Enjoy some music

Put on your favorite tunes and watch how much energy you have. For extra motivation, make a playlist of songs you use only for workouts. You will exercise just to enjoy them.

3. Change your routine

Repeating the same workout is boring. Change it up. If you usually walk, try swimming. If you work out with free weights, try body weight moves.

4. Dance

Nothing gets you revved up like dancing to your favorite music. Give it a try! Dancing can be your workout, or a warmup for another routine.

5. Look at inspirational pictures

What’s the reason you’re working out? What health or lifestyle goal do you hope to achieve? Find inspirational pictures that represent your goal. Or pictures of a place you’d love to be. Keep these near your workout clothes. Remember why you’re doing this.

6. Change your location

Tired of jogging the same path or watching the same workout video? Sick of the gym? Find a new location. This creates interest and it’s a great motivator.

7. Reward yourself

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a reward for working out. Just a small treat – and not food. Something to make you smile. Save your rewards for days when you really don’t feel motivated.

8. Get a buddy

A buddy is a great motivator. Whether you like working out with others, or prefer solo, have someone you can call to motivate you. Working out is hard enough. No reason to go through it alone.

9. Do some light cleaning

It’s amazing how much fun house cleaning is when you’re procrastinating on another chore! When your workout motivation is fading, give yourself a cleaning project: wipe off the kitchen counter, dust a piece of furniture, clean a mirror till it sparkles. Not only will you get some cleaning done. You’ll also get your muscles warmed up for your fitness workout. Or … make cleaning your workout for the day.

10. Write a note to yourself

Do you remember what a great workout feels like? Once you get started, it’s an amazing feeling. You might not even want to quit. Good! Take advantage of that feeling and write yourself a note. It doesn’t have to be a long note. Just tell yourself how amazing that workout felt. How you can’t wait for the next one. Then put that note where you can find it. The next time you don’t feel like working out, read your note, and remember the feeling.

11. Just start

motivate yourself to workoutOften the easiest way to motivate yourself for a workout is to start. Just get ready. Roll your eyes, grumble, frown. Express your displeasure. But get ready and do the workout. Within a few minutes, you will feel motivated again. Even on those rare bad days when the motivation doesn’t kick in, you’ll still be doing your workout, and you’ll be glad it’s done.

12-16. Watch This Video Below

Are you ready to work out now? Pick one of these motivators – or see if they inspire one of your own. Then go enjoy your workout.