6 fitness myths

Six Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

There are many misconceptions around the globe concerning fitness. Has this reached to the point that you are confused on which fitness tips to follow? There are many myths that people believe and they perceive them as truth.

fitness myths busted

These fitness myths are capable of putting somebody’s life in danger by simple practicing and following something which is not true at all. All myths are wrong are whatever information they provide is not true.

How can differentiate between a myth and a real fitness tip? Which fitness tips are commonly known that people tend to perceive as real fitness tips? Well, let’s find them out.

Common myths that you should not believe in

The following myths are commonly believed by people to the point that some people use this tips when doing exercises in search of fitness. Here are some of the common myths:

  • Crunches and sit ups will get you a six pack-Ever heard about this common myth? If it were that easy, everybody who does sit ups and crunches would have six packs by now. Sit ups will only help with your abdominals.

Six packs can only be achieved if a person has low but enough body fat percentage to show it off. So the myth that crunches and sit ups will help you get six packs within no time is nothing but a pure lie. Many people have done crunches and sit ups hoping that they have six packs but most are disappointed.

  • You don’t have to suffer through your work outs-It ridiculous to even believe this myth. How many times have you heard that somebody got injured while working out? Doctors have seen patients coming to hospital with shoulder issues, back pain and knee injuries simply because their work out was so intense for their current level fitness and ability.

If your kind of work out leaves you feeling awful, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. It is therefore very important to find the type of work out that challenges and motivates you towards a certain goal. Work out should be enjoyable so that you may reap the fruits after a long term work out.

  • Lifting weights will make a person bulky especially ladies-This myth usually stops a lot of people from lifting weights because they don’t want to be bulky.

The truth about lifting weights is that it helps reduce excess fats in the body and replaces them with muscles. Secondly, lifting weights improves your metabolism.

A very important detail to note is that weight lifting is usually used by women who desire to have a nice body that they desire.Therefore,this myth that lifting weights will make women bulky is false because most women do not have testosterone to make them bulky.

  • You cannot work out without a gym membership-This one always makes me laugh. Who said that people must only wok out in a gym? Whether a person works out at the gym or at home, the results will always be the same. Working at home is way cheaper when compared to working out at the gym.

If a person is not able to afford a gym membership, he/she must know that there are so many types of work outs that can be done at home and you will be fit just as a person going to the gym.

  • It is not a must to do a ton of cardio to lose weight-A journal that was published in the year 2012 about applied physiology stated that a person will lose weight faster by combining aerobics and strength training not just a ton of cardio. Those who combine aerobics and strength training lose more weight compared to those who just engage in just a single activity.

Kindly let us ignore this myth as it confuses people to the extent of following this myth while performing workouts.

  • Working out is the only thing that you need in order to lose weight-Do not pay attention to this myth. Diet plays a vital role when it comes to losing weight. Exercise works hand in hand with diet. Different kinds of food will determine the rate at which you lose weight.

Working out does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight. It is very important to eat a healthy diet so that we can lose weight through working out.

Healthy lifestyle should be something that you enjoy doing and should not be taken as punishment.


There are many more myths which we have not had the time to discuss. It is therefore very important to differentiate between a myth and a fact so that it does not affect our expectations when working out.

We should find a way to be able to differentiate between a myth and a fact that talks about fitness.